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EXQUISITE Kitty Collection

EXQUISITE Kitty Collection

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5oz ALOE YONI WASH - A must have for feeling clean & fresh all day 

Natural ingredients allows your kitty to maintain its PH Balance while eliminating bacterial overgrowth, the Aloe promotes softness while keeping your Kitty moisturized  & fresh 5 oz 

Intimate Cleansing Wipes  - Keep Your Kitty Nice & fresh throughout the day, Great for daily use.


Easy to carry in purse, book bag, or gym bag 

Intimate Suppositories -  Our suppositories contain 99% medical boric acid  which cleanses  and Restores Vaginal PH, Eliminates Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis, Eliminates Odor, Results & Relief Within Hours 


25 ct 

Take 1 suppository a day as needed up to 5 days 

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