About Us

Welcome to YBJELUZ Lash Boutique, DBA YBJELUZ Beauty, Located in South, Florida. The term “YBJELUZ” was formulated originally as a joke towards haters. Like why be jealous? You can do whatever I can do, and you can look & feel as good as I do. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but it’s up to us as to what we do with it. I never had a lot of women friends because generally they were jealous & envious acting towards me. Since high school I’ve always said “jealousy will get you nowhere.” Jealousy is the root to being stagnant. Instead of watching others and being jealous learn & grow from them.

YBJELUZ Beauty caters to your aesthetic image we help you  to look and feel like a star without the star price. Our face towels are the beauty essential you never knew you needed. They help to minimize and rid acne and breakouts while uplifting & enhancing  your aesthetic image.  Our feminine care products will boost your confidence & self esteem,  twerk with confidence. When you look & feel good isn’t a cliché it’s our reality. YBJELUZ? You can look and feel good too.

About the Owner

Heeey! I’m Youlonda Renae Battle, owner of YBJELUZ Beauty. I’m an esthetician, a published author and serial entrepreneur. I’ve worked in corporate America for almost half of my life, always in a managerial type role.

The disposable face towels were developed to aide in your daily skin care routine. When used daily they will help to eliminate and or minimize breakouts and blemishes.

Normal face towels hang in the bathroom and collect bacteria, debris and water deposit build-up ;Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona conducted a study & found nearly 90 percent of towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria. These organisms can indicate the presence of disease-causing bacteria in water, around 14 percent carried E. Coli, and some even carried traces of salmonella. GROSS, Imagine smearing disease causing bacteria on your face after you’ve cleaned it? Our towels are the perfect solution for clean, blemish free skin, Use once and toss!

The feminine care line was created because I was a person prone to yeast infections my kitty is very sensitive. I got tired of using the messy yeast infection creams.  I needed something that would balance my PH and keep me feeling fresh all day.  After months of testing & research I found products designed with the vagina in mind. Kitties around the world will absolutely love the YBJELUZ Intimate Line. You won’t be disappointed.