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Disposable Face Towel, Small, 60 Count

Disposable Face Towel, Small, 60 Count

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60 count

Helps maintain cleaner and healthier looking skin. Disposable – use once and toss. Multi-functional use for skin care that helps to minimize acne and breakouts.

Why should you use a disposable face towel?

For years you’ve used the terry cloth, cotton hand towel, face towel, or bleached-white washcloth, right? This seems perfectly fine, right? But the problem is what you don’t see whether you just washed your towel or it’s been sitting in your bathroom for a few days, towels can harbor a lot of bacteria and build-up from dead skin, detergents, and makeup. Have you ever noticed that after you’ve washed your towels there’s a mildew like smell? This means there’s still bacteria in the towel. Unfortunately even with the help of detergents and hot water, your washing machine does not eradicate all the particles. Consequently, your towel is never fully clean and can easily cause or worsen acne, irritation, and prevent healing for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

For these reasons we recommend using the YBJELUZ disposable face towels.
Use once & toss.

If you want beautiful healthy looking skin & flawless makeup. Order your disposable face towels today don’t delay!

From research done by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, he found that 90% of towels in his study were contaminated with coliform bacteria, and 14% contaminated with E. coli. Given the nature of a towel’s composition and the environment they spend the most time in (your bathroom), they create an excellent breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. Only two days after starting his study, Gerba found the bacteria count exploded exponentially. Susan Whittier of Columbia University Medical Center even expressed concern that towels can contain and spread MRSA bacteria. When concluding his study, Gerba said that you’d get less bacteria on your face if you stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it- in his own words.

Yuck!!! Can you imagine smearing bacteria all over your face which you thought you were cleaning?

Think about it.

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